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Employment Outlook

Type of work

Security agents guard property against theft and vandalism, control access to establishments, maintain order and enforce regulations at public events and within establishments.

The specific duties of a security agent vary depending on the assignment and the work site. The more common duties of a security guard are:

  • Protect people, property and assets
  • Prevent or detect break-ins, vandalism, unauthorised presence or activity on private property
  • Prevent or detect theft and loss of merchandise, money or documents
  • Enforce established company rules, regulations, policies, and practices in order to maintain order, reduce crime, and resolve conflicts
  • Control access to establishments and direct visitors to appropriate areas
  • Patrol assigned areas, inside and
  • Write reports
  • Attend to persons with special needs
  • Respond to alarms and other emergencies


Majority of the security agents are employed by private security agencies. Other major employers are

  • Government
  • Educational and health institutions
  • Transportation and warehousing facilities
  • Organizations throughout the private and public sectors
  • Construction companies
  • Malls
  • Retail stores
  • Office towers
  • Residential complexes
  • Financial institutions
  • Industrial establishments, etc

Work conditions

Security guards may be assigned to work indoors or outside.

Working hours vary depending upon the employer’s needs and type of work. Security agents are often required to work nights, evenings, weekends or holidays, and can be assigned at several locations within a short period of time.

Majority of security agents have a full time job, but part time and on call positions are also available.

Duties often involve extended standing, walking, stair climbing, and exposure to inclement weather. The security agent works in uniform.


The minimum hourly rate and premiums for the security agents who work in Quebec are established by the Decree respecting security guards.

Requirements to access this occupation

  • Valid security agent permit issued by the Bureau de la sécurité privée
  • Valid first aid certificate granted by an organization recognized by the CSST
  • A driver's licence (depending on the position - example - armoured car drivers)
  • Permit to carry firearms for armoured car personnel
  • Bilingualism is often required and always an asset
  • Great availability to work variable hours

Skills and abilities

  • Good sense of observation and sound judgment
  • Good communication skills and empathy
  • Ability to use information and communication equipment
  • Ability to take initiative, work autonomously, and keep calm
  • Impartiality and patience
  • Tact, discretion and courtesy
  • Ability to take charge and intervene in case of emergency
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Able to work alone or as a member of a team
  • Be physically fit

Employment outlook

The security industry plays an important role in the economy and this occupation offers a wide range of career opportunities and challenges. The industry is open to students looking for a part time job, individuals passionate about security who plan building a long-term career in this field, people in search for a second job to increase their monthly budget, individuals who change their career path, retirees who wish to return to the labour market, etc.

The security related occupations are currently considered to be facing a balance outlook. Recent labour market conditions indicate no signs of pressures and the future conditions indicate a balance between job openings and job seekers. (source: Le marché du travail au Québec, Perspectives d’emploi par profession 2012-2016).